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NEW! EvoEso !!
This Generic Script will create 9 frame that represent the view of Top , Bottom , Left , Right , Front , Back and 4 view of Isono. set the value to meter you want to view from camera. Set the size of the object base on the grid to ViewArea (m) and the height of the object in the input Height (m).

PLUS! EvoLight !!!
This Generic Script will create Light Setup to speed up your work , specially when do a quick preview . 3 type of light setup can be choose. 3 Light will set 3 light in your scene and the object must be select first so the light will be set for a distant from the object. Sun Light will set a strong shadow and activate Backdrop Radiosity to your scene. Sky Light will set only Backdrop Radiosity to your scene. ***Must Clear Scene first.

PLUS! EvoPrint !!!
This Generic Script will let You enter print sizes directly into the width and height fields .The centimeter value is more precise since an A4 page's size is worked out based on metric rather than imperial measurements , you can use template or custom print size as you want.

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