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Windows XP for Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition Adobe Reader PDF eBook

Windows XP for Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition Adobe Reader PDF eBook
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Windows XP for Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition 
Greg Harvey, PhD

Next to your keyboard and mouse, this could be your most important accessory. Just keep it next to your keyboard and your mouse and refer to it to capitalize on the terrific capabilities at your fingertips with Windows XP. Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference Second Edition covers the latest updates to Windows XP, including enhanced security and changes to Internet Explorer. It starts with the basics for true beginners, goes through everyday stuff, and progresses to the Web, accessories, and the control panel. After a quick introduction to the desktop, My Documents, dialogue boxes, and other basic info, you’ll explore:
  • Customizing your desktop
  • Saving music with Windows Media Player
  • Browsing drives, folders and files
  • Dragging, dropping, cutting, and pasting
  • Playing music, videos and movies
  • Browsing with Internet Explorer
  • Sending and receiving e-mails
  • Using Windows Accessories

Written by Greg Harvey, author of Excel 2002 For Dummies and more than 50 other computer books, Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition is so clear and concise it turns computer phobes into computer geeks with step-by-step guides to:

  • Using the Home Networking Wizard so two or more home computers can share a single Internet connection and other resources
  • Creating slideshows with your graphics files
  • Producing videos with Windows Movie Maker accessory program
  • Downloading Microsoft Reader free and then downloading eBooks (many are free) and saving them in My Library
  • Using the link to the Photo Printing Wizard to format and print your digital photos
  • Using Windows Media Player to play audio, video, and animation files you’ve saved, play Internet radio stations, view trailers for upcoming movies, and play MP3 audio files you’ve downloaded

Complete with a glossary and index, Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference doesn’t delve into the technology and terminology: it sticks to exploring the things Windows XP lets you do and describing how to!

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