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Natura Sound Therapy for Windows

Natura Sound Therapy for Windows
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Blissive, LLC announced today the release of version 3.0 of its acclaimed Natura Sound Therapy software. Blissive has significantly increased Natura’s capabilities by enlarging the sound bank, improving sound quality, expanding presets, adding more animated visualizations, and incorporating a new plug-in feature. The increase in features makes it even easier for Natura’s users to use the software to focus or relax by creating unique audio and visual environments.

“With an ever-increasing amount of distractions in our society, we really want to help people live better lives through their computers. If you need to concentrate to finish a project or relax after a stressful day, I’m confident that Natura can assist you,” says Cameron Limbrick, Blissive CEO. “We get feedback from users all the time who say that Natura is what finally helped them sleep. That’s proof that what we’re doing makes a difference.”

Natura Features

Natura’s CD-quality sounds such as Ocean Waves and Babbling Brook each have four options in version 3.0. New sounds include Singing Birds, Wind Chimes, Native American Flute, and several more. The Brainwave Synchronizer now offers four key tones for each frequency from 1 Hz to 16 Hz. Natura visual options include color and background choices as well as animated visuals such as rolling clouds and cascading waterfalls. Natura users can try over 30 factory presets or save up to 121 of their own unique sound and visual combinations. Natura sessions can be timed up to eight hours with its Timer function.

The newest feature in Natura is plug-in capability. Version 3.0 can be augmented with audio and visual features as they are made available by Blissive. One audio and two visual plug-ins are included with Natura v3.0.

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