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SQL for Dummies, 5th Edition Adobe Reader PDF eBook

SQL for Dummies, 5th Edition Adobe Reader PDF eBook
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SQL for Dummies, 5th Edition
By: Allen G. Taylor

* SQL is the international standard database language used to create, access, manipulate, maintain, and store information in a relational database management system (DBMS)-a vital tool for database programmers and Web developers The new SQL standard due for release in summer 2003 is the first updated standard in over three years; it mandates the expansion of SQL beyond its relational roots to handle images, sound files, and other nonrelational data types and will produce a great need for updated information
* The fifth edition of this popular reference guide is completely revised to cover these enhancements, including how to handle data stored in XML files and on the Web, expanded coverage of image and sound files, and some hot new trends like OLE DB Uses the friendly, easy-to-understand For Dummies style to show programmers and Web developers how to build relational databases, retrieve information from them, implement a database design, secure a database, and perform other essential functions with SQL Author has written twenty computer books, many relating to databases and database management
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